Who We Are

Ian Armstrong

Ian Armstrong

Ian has run his own businesses all of his working life. He has spent his time working in the yachting industry, manufacturing boats, manufacturing carbon fibre masts and spars for high end racing boats and superyachts, providing a custom service at race-side for Americas Cup racing teams and has latterly run a paint application company in Italy. Fairing and painting large, luxury world renowned yachts.

Ian understands deadlines, he knows about process operations and he really knows about the importance of maintaining quality standards – these qualities are what he is aiming to bring to the craft beer bottling world.


Neil Plowman

In contrast to Ian, Neil has worked in large businesses all of his working life. He has worked for Fiat, for Courtaulds and for Akzo Nobel. Starting in sales and marketing, Neil progressed through the various functional disciplines and management layers, gaining experience in manufacturing and logistics along the way. His last job at Akzo Nobel was Business Director of a large turnover paint business, with responsibility for 3 factories, logistics across a continent, for sales, marketing, finance and with responsibility for over 1000 staff.

Neil understands how businesses work, knows the importance of gaining the confidence of the customer and the importance of good communications. He built a career in big business and gained a lot of all-round knowledge and experience along the way – he aims to utilise both for the benefit of Craft Beer Bottling and our customers.


Andwell Brewing Company

Ian and Neil would not be striking out into the beer market if it were not for the support of Adam and the team at Andwell Brewing Company. It is these guys who have provided insight into the market, the process, the equipment required and the needs of the breweries. When Adam started work on the construction of Industrial units (on top of the old trout farm on the Andwell Brewery site) it felt absolutely right for Craft Beer Bottling to decide to locate ourselves here.

So here we are, 50 yards away from one brewery and within 100 miles of many, many more.