The Tanks Roll In

After an anxious wait our tanks have finally arrived from Hungary. We have eight tanks in total: four large tanks (4500 ltrs gross capacity) and four small tanks (1250 ltrs gross capacity).

After an interesting morning spent working out how on earth to get them off the lorry, we finally managed to hire the right bit of lifting kit and were able to let our Hungarian driver start to make his way home by mid-afternoon.

Getting the tanks into our building was a challenge, whilst getting them upright threatened to be a hernia-inducing experience!

Our production planning utilizes three of each tank size as rough/beer reception tanks, where the beer is settled and chilled. We aim to reduce the temperature of the beer on arrival as rapidly as possible, then to hold the beer in the rough tank at a temperature of – 1 degree C for four days.

The beer is then transferred to the bright beer tank of the corresponding size and is filtered between tanks.