Equipment & Facilities

Craft Beer 84

Bottling Machine

We have a Cimec tri-bloc machine, bought new when we opened in 2014. The machine can bottle at a rate of 2000 bottles per hour, which obviously means that we can fill 1000 litres of beer into 500 ml bottles in around one hour. Bottling is completed by counter pressure fill, with CO2 used as the pressurising gas. The result is low dissolved oxygen in the bottled beer.

Label Machine

We have a Herma three roller wrap machine, again bought new when we opened in 2014. The machine can handle both full wrap-around labels or separate front and back labels.

The specification for the supply of labels to be used on our machine is as follows:

  • To be supplied on a 76mm diametre cardboard core
  • To be supplied at a maximum reel width of 400mm
  • Minimum amount of labels on a reel to = 1600
  • Labels to be outside wound on the reel and right edge leading.
  • If supplying us with separate front and back labels these are to be supplied on one reel, printed alternately on the reel.

Neck labels can be applied to 330ml bottles but must conform to our shape guideline. Speak to us for details and for the specification for supply.


We have a range of tank sizes, enabling us to store and process beer in quantities ranging from 10 HL to 60 HL.

All of our tanks are stainless, jacketed, connected to the chiller ring and capable of holding sufficient pressure to carbonate in tank if required.

We will typically hold the beer at zero degrees centigrade, with a CO2 blanket and head pressure of around 2 psi. By keeping the beer cold we are better able to offer our customers a faster, more reliable turn around time of 7 days from arrival of bulk beer to bottling.


​We carbonate in-line using a ​Carbo-Tech​ auto carbonation unit. ​The machine enables us to achieve very accurate carbonation levels and to achieve consistency of carbonation throughout the bottling operation.